About Us

Sandbox Advisors was founded in Singapore in 2008 and is proud to be the pioneering career publication in Asia.

Our magazine is read by thousands of people every day, who enjoy the extremely practical and science-based insights.

We believe that work life should be engaging and enjoyable. Like when is child is playing in a Sandbox. Both individuals and organisations can contribute towards this end and choose to Shape Ideal Careers, for themselves or their employees. Everything we do is based on this philosophy.

In addition to the magazine, we also provide expert career related counselling, coaching and training services in Singapore/Asia.

We have delivered projects for individuals and organisations in Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

We have an outstanding and experienced team of writers, consultants and associates, who provide you with a refreshing perspective and personalised service. As our client, you can be certain of receiving:

  • The highest level of expertise and knowledge.
  • An approach which is based on the best academic research, coupled with our own experience
  • Zero ‘fluff’ and ‘birds-eye-view’ advisory/services. We prefer a detail oriented ‘worms-eye-view.’
  • Practical, realistic and insightful solutions, which actually work.

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